Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Problems with drains, plumbing and pipes can be more than a nuisance. They can make living in your home deeply unpleasant. They can even become a health hazard!

Having water (or worse still sewage) leaking around your premises is also going to create lasting damage if you don’t act quickly.

Best services for blockages or leaks

When you need urgent help with blocked or badly functioning pipes, sinks or toilets, knowing where to turn can be a problem. You want emergency plumbing assistance without paying huge sums of money unnecessarily.

It can be especially upsetting to pay call out charges, only to find that your contractor can’t fix your leaking toilets and faucets, or unblock your clogged drains, straight away.

Sadly, there are also contractors who give you a favourable quote, get their equipment on site, then suddenly “discover” a truckload of extra costs you need to meet.

Trying to do your own temporary repairs or waiting in the hope that it “sorts itself out” are unwise options too. This can make the damage worse and leave you with an even bigger clean up to face!

The perfect example is when you realise you have frozen pipes. Having your fingers crossed is not a good plan, as the ice is likely to cause cracks and fissures in your pipework. When it thaws, you could well have a flooded home to deal with.

Or, you could end up huddled in bed in your coat, scarf and tuque with no heating in your home.

Fair priced emergency plumbing and drain work

We provide a trustworthy and fair-priced emergency plumbing and drains service. As soon as you realise that you have damaged pipes or blocked drains, for example, we can be quickly on the scene.

All our pricing is clear and reliable, based on our expert assessment of the problem. We use our experience and training to make repairs swiftly, with the minimum of disruption.

If for some reason we can’t do repairs immediately, we will do everything we can to minimise the issues and inconvenience.