Sump Pumps & Flooding

Sump Pumps & Flooding

Your last line of defense against flooding is the sump pump. But if your sump pump fails, there can be extensive damage to your home or business. Whether you're in an emergency situation and need sump pump repair or you would like to prevent any problems with new sump pump installation, the team at Plumbers Direct can ensure that your line of defense is intact.

Sump pump replacement

If you've noticed odd noises coming from your pump, felt vibrations or your pump is running longer than usual, it could be time to replace your sump pump. We recommend that before any replacement is done, a professional inspect the condition of the pump to check whether it is necessary. If you find you are having to make several repairs, then a replacement should also be considered. This process will save you a lot of time and money.

Sump pump installation

It's never a good idea to attempt installing a sump pump on your own. A professional plumber like the team at Plumbers Direct will know the best way to prepare the area and install it to ensure no damage is done to your home and to ensure effective use. Before we leave, we always ensure that the system is working properly.

Common problems associated with sump pumps

At Plumbers Direct, we have seen our fair share of sump pump problems. Some of the most common issues we have attended to include:

Frozen discharge pipe: this means that the water freezes and blocks the pipe. Now, once the pit fills, the water will get to your basement.

Overwhelmed system: sump pumps are different. If your sump pump is overwhelmed, it may flood your basement.

Power failure: sump pumps operate on electrical power. Ensure that you invest in a good quality backup system to minimize downtime.

If you experience any of these problems, contact us to schedule a repair.

Flood prevention by waterproofing

To prevent your basement from flooding, we also recommend you consider waterproofing. Our highly skilled staff are trained to make the right decision for your waterproofing task. Since waterproofing is a labor-intensive process, our team of professionals can help you to reduce the risk of causing more damage to your house or yourself. We also offer affordable rates for our services and complete all jobs on time. To find out more and get a free quote, get in touch with us at (416) 402-7798 today.

Did you know the city of Toronto offers $3200 in rebate for mainwater installation, sump pumps & backup systems.

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