Water Main Repairs

Water Main Repair & Replacement Services

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, your water main is a key concern. This is the main supply route for water to get into your home or commercial building. If it is not working as it should, then you could see a variety of problems occur. From leaking pipes sending your water bill sky high to your mains water supplier advising of an issue you need to fix, effective water main repair and replacement is vital.

If you need a company that offers a quick call-out, professional service and affordable rates then call us today. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will get to you as soon as possible to deal with your water main problem.

Expert water main replacement and repair

We only employ the best plumbers who specialize in water main work. Our superb service includes initial water main leak detection so we can clarify exactly what and where the issue lies. Once this is done, our professional plumbers will undertake any water main excavation work needed to help access the area. Fully trained in the latest techniques and with the most cutting-edge kit to use, they will soon get to the root of your problem. Once there, we will be able to repair the damaged pipework or replace it if needs be.

Other services we offer include:

- emergency water main breaks
- repair and replacement of faulty water meters
- water main upgrades as mandated by the city you live in

Let us help with home improvements too

Sometimes, you may not have a problem to fix but still need our help. Many commercial landlords or homeowners will build a new en-suite or have an extra bathroom installed within a new extension. This can put extra demands on your mains water supply though and lead to low pressure as a whole. We can perform a low pressure water assessment to help you resolve this.

Get in touch today for water main repairs

If you are having issues with low pressure or your mains water supply in general, give us a call today. Our professional service is not only affordable but will also get the problem sorted out fast for you. Whether it is for your own home or a commercial property, we can help.